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This page has information for parties connecting to Auðkennnis services. Auðkenni provides services related to authentication and signature. For authentication there are currently three ways of integration possible and technical guiding documents can be found under our pages. For signature there is currently one way of integration and technical guiding documents can be found under our pages.

A postman scripts is provided to test API communications and get demo code to start in different programming languages.

Auðkenni recommends using CIBA for the authentication and signatures. CIBA was built on top of OpenID Connect to secure transactions. With CIBA service providers use JWS tokens to sign the token info for the authentication/signatures. More information on CIBA here.

All code examples in these documents are for demonstration purpose only and not intended to be LIVE ready.

Developers must have in mind:

  • Ensure that users cannot obtain or get wrong sessions for other users.

  • Validate tokens

  • Validate signatures and certificates.

  • Not to create unnecessary load on the system.

Services that are not following these guidelines can be disabled by Auðkenni.


First steps

We recommend familiarizing yourself with our environments first. Next, examine the available communication interfaces and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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